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Heritage Upgrade Kits
At this time we offer 4 upgrade kits.

  • Klipschorn AK-5 Upgrade Kit (All Klipschorns produced From Approximately 1963 to April 2001)

  • H III Upgrade Kit (All H II to H III. Will not work with H I or HIP)

  • La Scala AL-4 Upgrade Kit (All La Scalas Produced From 1963 to April 2001. Not applicable to the “Runt” La Scala equipped with a 12” woofer)

  • Belle Klipsch AB-3 Upgrade Kit (All Belle Klipsch Produced From 1971 to April 2001)

You will need one kit for each speaker. Please contact Product Support for pricing and availability. 

Attachments: KH AK5 Update Kit OM Final 061024.pdf (76.5 kb)  H III Update Kit OM Final 061024.pdf (62.2 kb)  BK AB3 Update Kit OM Final 061024.pdf (71.8 kb)  AK4 Update Kit Manual '83 & newer Models.pdf (583.8 kb)  LS AL4 Update Kit OM Final 061024.pdf (75.6 kb)  Klipschorn 82 & older AK4 manual.pdf (1.5 mb) 

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