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Replacing a subwoofer amplifier
Last Updated 5 years ago

The replacement of a subwoofer amplifier is quite simple. If you are handy with a screw driver, the replacement should only take about 10 minutes. You will first want to start by removing the screws from around the perimeter of the amplifier panel. There are usually 6-10 screws to remove.


Once they are removed, you will need to give the defective amplifier a good tug to break the gum seal holding it in position. Once the defective amp has been removed, you will see two wire leads running to the speaker portion of the subwoofer. These are simple push on connectors, so just remove them and put them on the exact same terminals on the new amplifier. Depending on whether or not your subwoofer has an LED light on the front, you will also see a wire which runs to the light, simply remove that as well and plug it in the exact same position on the new amplifier. Once these are in place, slide the new amplifier back into position and put the screws back in position.

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