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Universal & Cable Remotes (Last Generation Sound Bars)
Universal remotes can not be used with our sound bars using the learning feature. This only works with your stock TV's remote. We have created some guides for a lot of the major cable and satellite companies. They are attached below. Just find the guide that works with your provider and follow the instructions. Some other after market remotes like Logitech should have all of our product in their online setup software.

If you have already tried to teach the sound bar your universal remote, then you will need to clear the codes and put the Sound Bar back to factory default. This document is also attached below.

Bars that work with these remote codes

Klipsch Icon SB 1

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3

Energy Power Bar

Energy Power™ Bar Elite

Bars that Will Not work with these remote codes

For these Sound Bars you will need to use your Stock TV remote and learn it to the sound bar. Then just program your TV's code in to the universal remote and it will operate the volume on the Sound Bar as well.

Klipsch HD Theater SB 120

Energy Power™ Bar One

Energy BTS 2.1 Soundbar

Energy Power™ Base

Jamo Torsten

If your remote if not listed below, please open a ticket and let us know all the info on the remote you are using. We need to know the providers name, the remote model, your TV model, and I would also attach a picture of the remote as well, to help us better assist you.

Logitech Harmony:

Remotes supported:

Harmony 200, 300, 350, 600, 650, 700, Ultimate Home, Ultimate, Ultimate One, Touch, Home Control, Smart Control, Ultimate Hub, Home Hub, Smart Keyboard, Harmony One, One +

Get the My Harmony app HERE

If your codes are not listed. Please look in your Remotes manual and look for the codes to Audio/Amplifier/Receiver Codes and use the ones listed for RCA.


DirecTV Remotes supported:

RC-23, RC-24, RC-32/RC-32RF, RC-64, RC-65, RC-65 X, RC-65 RB, RC-65 RX, RC-66 RX



Direct TV Remotes supported through DirecTV on screen menu:

RC-71, RC-72, RC-73


Xfinity XR5


More Coming Soon.....

Attachments: Direct TV Remote & Sound Bars.pdf (346.9 kb)  Bright House - Time Warner - UR5 Remote.pdf (357.5 kb)  Charter Cable - Motorola.pdf (201.1 kb)  Comcast Xfinity X1 Platinum Dark Silver Remote.pdf (412.4 kb)  Comcast Remote.pdf (146.5 kb)  Conway Corp Cable - Atlas OCAP 5.pdf (357.1 kb)  Dish 21.0 IR Remote.pdf (322.8 kb)  Clearing codes on all bars.pdf (302.8 kb) 

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