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What do I need to setup my G-17 Air and AirPlay in my home?
Last Updated a year ago

• A Klipsch G-17 Air speaker
• A wireless router with a stable 2.4GHz WiFi network set to B/G, B/G/N or Mixed Mode.) in your home.
• Your Wireless Network Name and Wireless Network Password (if applicable).
• Both the password and name (SSID) used for your home network must be between 8 and 14 alpha-numeric characters and contains no special characters (such as !”£$%^&*:@<>?)
• The network name (SSID) must be visible and not hidden.
• The network must use WPA2 security. WEP security is not supported.
• A compatible iDevice running iOS 4.2 or later OR a Mac/PC using the "Quick Start Guide" attached below.

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