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Subwoofer will not wirelessly “pair” with the Soundbar (Gen 1 & Gen 2)
These steps work with R-10B, R-20B, CS-30, SB-1, SB-3, Torsten, and all Energy wireless sound bars.

(Subwoofer status lights continue flashing and is not solid Blue)

• Move Subwoofer closer to Soundbar

• If other wireless devices nearby (i.e. baby monitors. cordless phones, WiFi Routers, etc.) turn them off temporarily. 

• Turn both the Soundbar and subwoofer off, then turn on again to initiate a new pairing sequence.

If that does not work, try these steps.

• Using the end of a paper clip (or similar small device) lightly press in button inside of unmarked hole on the left side of
input panel to the left of the “R” (Red) source input for 5 seconds.



• Then within 10 seconds, lightly press in button for 5 seconds, with same device, on back of subwoofer on the top right labeled “Factory Use Only”


• The Subwoofer LED should flash, then turn solid Blue.

 Last updated Tue, Oct 21 2014 12:03pm

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