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Icon K series - Tweeter & Woofer removal.
Last Updated 5 years ago

Tools needed:

3 mm Metric Allan Wrench

Flat edge (Pocket Knife, Butter Knife, Putty Knife, etc)  


Start by taking the woofer trim ring off.

Catch under the edge of the ring with your fingernail



Get your fingers under the edge of the woofer trim and work around the ring until it comes off.

DO NOT pull on one side, work around the trim. It has pins that slip into holes in the face of the cabinet.

Repeat for other woofer ring for KF-28 and KF-26.

Now continue with the horn trim ring. You need to use something like a pocket knife to get under the bottom edge of the trim. Slowly pull up and away to remove it.


You now have all the trims removed.


You now have access to all the screws to remove the woofer and tweeters.

Once you have replaced your parts. You should test the speaker before putting back on the trim.

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