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Reference MKII - RF-7 II and RC-64 II tweeter removal
We do not have “service manual” for this speaker but, I have come up with a few drawings that should help.

To replace the compression driver on the RF-7 II you will need to remove the trim piece on the horn lens and then the horn lens unscrews from the front of the cabinet.

Using either your fingernails or other softer tools (i.e. – a plastic take-out knife, or a clean putty knife etc…) try to pry the trim piece out from where the horn trim meets the rest of the horn. Do not pry where the horn trim meets the cabinet edge. Here is a picture of the trim piece (highlighted in green; suggested pry points are red arrows):



Once the trim is removed, there is a foam gasket you can reuse; remove this from the horn lens.

There are eight (8) Torx T-20 fasteners holding the horn in the cabinet. Here is an image of the horn lens (highlighted in green; the fasteners are black):



Once you remove the fasteners and the horn, the compression driver is mounted to the horn using three (3) bolts. Here is an image of the compression driver (highlighted in green):


Installation is the reversal of removal.

The trim piece goes on only one direction. so just rotate it till the pegs line up.


Here are the parts you would need to order; attached is the parts request form you need order the parts.

Part number: 1011223

Part description: K-701-G (compression driver)

You should also order the trim piece in case the original is damaged taking it out (the gasket can be reused):

Part number: 1012264

Part description: RF-7 II HORN TRIM

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