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How is the ProMedia 2.1 Wireless considered wireless when I have to use wire to connect the speakers to the subwoofer and then plug it in?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There are many misconceptions about wireless audio. Often, when people see the words “wireless” and “speakers” together, they assume the entire sound system is wire and cable free. However, no such speaker system exists—unless it runs off of batteries. Speakers need a power source to drive them and that source needs to connect to electricity.

With the ProMedia 2.1 Wireless, the subwoofer is the power source. This heavy-hitter plugs into a wall outlet and then the two speakers connect to it via wires. Wireless, in the case of the ProMedia, means no wires attach to the computer. This allows users to move their laptops freely around the room without ever losing their 2.1 sound.

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