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How to Draw (Cut) a Circle without a template.
Last Updated 3 years ago

This is a good option when you don't have a speaker's cut template. It will allow you to draw a circle to use as a cut template.

The full circle method

  1. You can use a sheet of heavy-duty paper or do this right on the drywall if you can. 
  2. Cut a piece of string about 4" - 5" longer than your radius. We used a 10" length of string for this cut below. 
  3. Tie one end of the string to a short pencil. 
  4. Place the point of the pencil toward the outer edge of the paper with enough room from the edge to make a full sweep. 
  5. Measure from where the point of the pencil touches the paper backwards by the length of the radius (in this case 6½"). 
  6. Pin directly through string into the paper or drywall at that point. 
  7. Keeping the string taut, draw a perfect circle using your homemade compass.
  8. If use used the paper, cut the paper and you now have a paper template. If you use the drywall, just cut out the drywall now.


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