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Demo, Consumer, Display, and Retail modes (Current RSB Sound Bars & R-4B Only)
These steps work with All 2016 Models RSB Sound Bars:

Unplug AC power from the sound bar, then plug it back in. Turn on sound bar, then within 10 seconds press and hold source and volume up buttons simultaneously for >5 seconds to engage Demo Select mode.

While in Demo Select Mode, press the volume + button to cycle through the Consumer, Display, Retail, and Installer mode.

HDMI1 LED will fast blink at 4Hz to indicate Consumer mode, Analog led will fast blink at 4Hz to indicate Display Mode, Digital led will fast blink at 4Hz to indicate Retail Mode, and TV LED will fast blink at 4Hz to indicate installer mode.

Press the Volume + button until the desired mode is flashing.

Allow the desired LED to flash for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the unit automatically exits demo select mode and remains in the mode you selected.

You're done...

These steps are for the R-4B Sound Bars Only:

There is also a "Installer Mode" for the R-4B Sound Bar, but it requires a customer firmware to be installed. You can download it below.

Firmware update procedure:

Copy the file attached to this email to a USB flash drive.

Unplug power from the soundbar.

Insert USB drive into the back of the soundbar.

Plug power into the soundbar.

On the front of the Soundbar, the Dolby LED will turn on.

The other LEDs will start turning on one by one starting from the left.

When the update is complete the LEDs will turn off and the three LEDs on the right will turn on.

Unplug power from the soundbar.

Wait 5 secs then plug back in.

Your done...

Attachments: R-4B - Installer (659.1 kb) 

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